Department Overview


    The Ramsey Public School District Guidance and Counseling Program supports student achievement through a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, and equitable program that address the academic, career, and personal/social growth of all students.  In partnership with students, staff, parents/guardians, and the community, school counselors facilitate and assess the effectiveness of the program to assist all students in acquiring the competencies needed for constructive participation in a complex, global society.  


    The school counselors will provide a positive, caring, and intellectually stimulating environment to encourage students to develop the skills and values to become self-directed, self-fulfilled, resilient, empathic, curious, agile, collaborative, and innovative life-long learners.

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Guidance Services


    • To provide 8th grade students with a visitation to the high school in September of their 8th grade year along with a Freshman Orientation prior to the beginning of school in September.
    • To hold grade specific Parents’ Nights for the purpose of discussing pertinent topics.
    • To provide information to parents and students regarding career opportunities and college selection.
    • To provide prospective/transferring students and parents with a services and facilities tour.


    • To see that all students are assigned a counselor for four years.
    • To provide students with academic counseling for placement and remediation.
    • To counsel students for their subject selections and post-high school planning.
    • To hold 11th grade student/parent counseling sessions on post-high school planning.


    • To work with other professionals, groups and agencies on matters relating to adolescent development.
    • To actively work with the Child Study Team in developing the schedules of classified students.
    • To have parent/teacher/counselor sessions for better communication about student progress and career and college decisions.


    • To use the Naviance program to develop an individual post-high school planning profile for each student and offer the program for home use.
    • To disseminate helpful and timely information to the community, using the guidance web page.
    • To host college, technical school and armed services’ representatives throughout the school year.
    • To provide tutoring services delivered by members of the National Honor Society.